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Entry #2

The project is still going

2009-04-24 08:35:18 by BERZERKERgreg

Hey everyone, I am still working on my video but it is just taking some time to get done. I am trying to keep it funny/action filled/ and some what drawn decently. Of all things I am currently taking a class that is nothing but learning Flash in CS3 so I been jumping on it more. The fighting scenes have started and I want them to look good so it may be another month or two before I get it ALL DONE! woooo my first real flash animation! I will include a image here to show what I have been working on.

The project is still going


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2009-04-24 09:02:40

You should add a medal to it. st/302180
I think it will help you learn more and get a lot of views. If you are truly proud of it why not.
The image looks great and the artwork is very good.


2011-05-21 03:59:05

OK. It has been a while. Project was canned due to a Hard drive failure and I am back on something new..... every time I get into something life likes to fuck with me. But hey, I'm trying again aren't I.